Pembahasan Soal SNMPTN 2010 Paket 2

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Not all high school graduates adept at using the internet especially those from remote areas, although these days the internet is no longer a luxury.
"This is thought to be one reason why this year the number of applicants prospective students who enroll in SNMPTN slightly decreased. Since starting this year SNMPTN registration already using the online system," said Rector, State University of Medan Prof. Shawwal Gultom in Medan, on Friday.

He said it was responding to questions about the declining number of applicants SNMPTN in the region of this academic year 2010/2011.

Viewed in terms of number, he said, this year the number of participants who enroll in SNMPTN local committee Unimed slightly decreased.
This year the numbers just 17,954 people, while the previous year reached more than 21 thousand people when the registration is still using a manual system.

But even so, he added, when viewed nationally Unimed ranked third most popular most prospective students in Indonesia through SNMPTN.

First rank the highest demand is the State University of Hasanuddin (Hasanuddin University) with a total 48,400 people. Then followed the State University of Eleven March Solo (UNS) with the number of applicants as much as 44,656 people and Unimed third rated by enthusiasts as many as 44,635 people.

Pembahasan Soal SNMPTN 2010 Paket 2

Test of Academic Potential

Basic Studies Field Test Tes Bidang Studi Dasar)

Field Test Study of Science (Tes Bidang Studi IPA)

    Matematika IPA, sorry no solutions for Matematika IPA

Social Studies Field Test(Tes Bidang Studi IPS)

The reduced number of participants who register at Unimed SNMPTN this year, probably due to the change of system from manual to online registration.

"The possibility of using the online system is not yet all potential participants are able to use it. This is proof that not all high school graduates adept at using the online system," he said.

However, he added, this is an incredible job, because it can educate people in bulk to be able to use technology or literacy.

With the online system, it will be more vibrant again to use and utilize the online system technology. "Because when the first use of the online system this time, relatively not too much trouble," he said.

Important Notes

In SNMPTN every eye exam will be assessed based on their rank on a scale of zero to one hundred before the value is summed with the other exams. Therefore, every eye exam should be done as possible and nothing is overlooked.