Pembahasan Soal SNMPTN 2010 Paket 1

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As many as 88,401 people passed the National Entrance Selection State University (SNMPTN) 2010. Meanwhile, the capacity of 89,355, a total of 954 seats in State colleges (PTN) is still empty.

''Of the 447,201 participants SNMPTN, who received as many as 88,401 people,''said the Chairman of the Committee SNMPTN 2010, Herrera Suhardiyanto, during a press conference at the office of the Ministry of National Education, on Thursday (15 / 7).

Herrera said the value of participants who qualify SNMPTN this year an average of 69, 51 for IPA and 66.56 for the IPS. Still there are as many as 58,120 people whose value is above average, but unfortunately lost to competing for the courses that interest. ''They are good but not compete, ultimately not accepted everywhere,''he said.

Smart kids who do not pass the selection SNMPTN, said Herrera, due to piling on the options that a lot of interest. Herrera explained, filling the empty chair handed over to each PTN.

Courses that are still in demand for the IPA, namely education physician, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, and technology and industry. Meanwhile, demand for courses in social studies, namely international relations, accounting, communications, psychology, management, administration, and economics.

Penguman''SNMPTN participants who graduated on 17 July at 00.00 hrs on the site SNMPTN, each local committee, and print media,''said Herrera.

Pembahasan Soal SNMPTN 2010 Paket 1

Test of Academic Potential

Basic Studies Field Test Tes Bidang Studi Dasar)

Field Test Study of Science (Tes Bidang Studi IPA)

    Matematika IPA, sorry no solutions for Matematika IPA

Social Studies Field Test(Tes Bidang Studi IPS)

Organizing SNMPTN this year was not immune from fraud. Based on data SNPTN committee, as many as 1608 people declared to commit fraud in SNMPTN.

Mode of fraud that continues to happen, says Herrera, among them the use of mobile phones and jockeys. In fact, in Semarang were 23 participants caught engaging in fraud by spreading the answers with mobile phone and one person is proved to have the practice of jockeys. Cheating''is smaller than last year's 3000-person. This year, only 0.36 percent of total participants who declared fraudulent,''he explained.

Although still found cheating, Herrera claimed fraud was successfully thwarted by the committee. Participants who do fraud disqualified. Meanwhile, for students who commit fraud will be submitted to each state university to be sanctioned. The civil servants who proved to jockey also will be sanctioned staffing.
Important Notes

In SNMPTN every eye exam will be assessed based on their rank on a scale of zero to one hundred before the value is summed with the other exams. Therefore, every eye exam should be done as possible and nothing is overlooked.