Spread SNMPTN 2011 Results Announcement

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Tempo work with 7-Eleven disseminate the announcement of Higher Education National Selection (SNMPTN) in 2011 in 35 7-Eleven outlets in Jakarta and surrounding areas on June 30, 2011. The announcement was acquired SNMPTN prospective students for free in stores 7-Eleven since early morning. Information that the announcement of the results can be obtained SNMPTN at 7 - Eleven has begun in the Koran Tempo issue of June 28, 2011. Congratulations to prospective students who are admitted to college choice.

Results SNMPTN Continues Protest Demo

Protests against the results of Higher Education National Selection (SNMPTN) Cenderawasih University (Uncen) conducted dozens of students return to campus continues Uncen Abepura, Friday (1 / 7). Just as is done in the Campus Uncen Waena on Thursday (30 / 6), dozens of students are also doing pemalangan at the campus gate.

In addition to speeches, they also do the burning pile of wood in front of the entrance. As a result of this pemalangan, could also disturb the access of students who will enter the campus.

In his oration, Field Coordinator, Michael, asked that the Papuans who are not applicants accepted through SNMPTN, can be accommodated through the regular admissions through local channels.

"We hope as a form of Papuans keperpihakan I hope the Chancellor should issue another policy to accommodate the applicants who do not qualify SNMPTN the opening reception of new students for the Papuan people through local channels. The local selection is only allowed to register only the Papuans," he pleaded with aloud.

Meanwhile, Uncen Rector, Prof.Dr. Berth Kambuaya, MBA, responding to the aspirations of the students said it would immediately coordinate with the Ministry of Education relating to student admission through local channels to accommodate people of Papua.

"Students need to understand that the question of the acceptance of new students this Uncen been many violations of the capacity of students. Nationally, the capacity of students each program of study at all state universities, only 40 students. But it happens every year we receive more students than that," he said.

With a capacity that exceeds the provisions of the said Rector, Uncen every year always gets a reprimand from the Ministry of National Education Inspectorate because it always violates the provisions. To that end, students should understand the conditions that exist and are very unlikely outcome of this SNMPTN ditinjua back because it has become the central decision.

Therefore, the Rector asked the students do not do pemalangan campus. Because to accommodate the applicants who do not pass will be pursued through the selection of independent local and SLSB. "What is clear what the aspirations of the students we will convey to the Minister of Education to the fore there are other policies to accommodate people of Papua on whether 60 percent of students selected through local channels and 40 percent through SNMPTN," he said.

Related to this SNMPTN results, Rector Kamabuaya, said it has been very accommodating the interests of the Papuans. But according to the applicant's son who majored in Mathematics and Science area is very small compared to non-Papuans. Thus, it was noted more majoring in Mathematics and Science is filled by non-Papuans are indeed very many registrants.

"We actually expect any percentage of the local department received more than non Papua. But in reality, most of the Papuan people more interested in majoring in social studies," he said.

Once the case with new revenue through the invitation of the Rector added, many majors Mathematics which should be filled by the Papuans, but in reality many are empty, so that Kouta is filled with non-Papuans. As per data available up Rector, the number of new student applicants through invitation SNMPTN 2011, the sons of the soil for Mathematics majors who enroll only 30 people, while the non papua 236.

Likewise with the number of applicants through a written SNMPTN, the native son who sign up as many as 701 people jurusa MIPA, while the non-Papuan amounted to 1197 people. "To track this SNMPTN whom shall be the number of applicants who majored in social studies major, so the competition is intense, because capacity is limited while the number of registrants is very high," he explained.

Meanwhile, demonstrations related to the rejection of SNMPTN, Vice Chairman of Commission E DPRP, Ananias Pigai, SE, said it would invite the Rector Uncen and SNMPTN Uncen Committee to discuss this issue. For the implementation SNMPTN, Ananias Pigai hope that there are alignments to Papuans despite SNMPTN format is a national program.

"We hope, Rector Uncen can provide insight to the Minister of Education and Minister of the Interior that for new admissions are also no bias against indigenous Papuans," said Ananias was accompanied by other members of the Commission E Kobepa Naphtali.