Soal SNMPTN 2009 Paket 4

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The ability to read the Koran a requirement into the State Islamic University Jakarta.Banyak roads lead to Rome. Apparently, expression of campus is the one used when talking about college entrance lane. Now, many roads that allow potential students to enter universities, especially public universities (PTN). Previously, the public may only know the path selection with PTN which became known as the National Entrance Selection State University (SNMPTN). Or other channels that are designated for gifted students and berprestasi.Universitas Indonesia (UI) for example. For the academic year 2009/2010, in addition to holding SNMPTN UI also opened several lines of new admissions. Entry Selection Among others is the UI, or commonly known as Simak-UI. Director of Corporate Communications, UI, Firmanzah, PhD explains, Simak-UI is the integrated selection test to enter the management UI done independently. Consider''selection UI is conducted simultaneously throughout Indonesia for the entire educational program in the UI.

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Test of Academic Potential

Test of Academic Potential

Basic Studies Field Test Tes Bidang Studi Dasar)

Field Test Study of Science (Tes Bidang Studi IPA)

Social Studies Field Test(Tes Bidang Studi IPS)

Start vocational programs (diploma 3), regular undergraduate, graduate parallel class, profession, masters to the doctoral program,''said Firmanzah.Firmanzah add, Simak the UI is the point of selection which has the largest portion of revenue than all the other selection lines, amounting to 56 percent . Usually as a whole, UI students receive around 4500-5000. Thus, approximately 2520 until 2800 UI students accepted through a selection of pendaftaraannya has been opened on January 19, 2009. The rest or 44 percent of students will be determined by other revenue channels. Among other things, SNMPTN, Regional Cooperation program and industry, Science Olympiad, Outstanding Athlete, Artist Achievement, and Achievement program and Equitable Learning Opportunities (AEOS). Firmanzah reveals, there are separate reasons why UI gets a small Simak the greatest.

Important Notes

In SNMPTN every eye exam will be assessed based on their rank on a scale of zero to one hundred before the value is summed with the other exams. Therefore, every eye exam should be done as possible and nothing is overlooked.