Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Sudharto P. Hadi rate, the government plans to make the results of national examinations (UN) as a reference for college entrance (PTN) is not perfect yet.

"Implementation of the UN as an instrument of its evaluation to determine the extent of student success in absorbing understanding during his education," he said in Semarang on Sunday (19/12).

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Latihan TPA
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Unlike the UN, he said, college entrance exams, such as the Selection Entry State University (SNMPTN), Selection Admissions (SNCA) is a predictive nature to measure students' abilities.

He explained that, in the college entrance exam have a number of choices made by students, especially related majors or courses of study desired, therein lies the predictive nature of college entrance exams.

"For example, students are given three choices. The choice of one did not get away, switch the second option. It did not escape, too, could put three options. It all depends on interests, talents, and abilities in certain areas," he said.

Related UN plan for a reference into state universities in 2012, he said, if it is done need much improvement and study in depth, considering each has a different structure and content.

"If the plan will be done (UN reference incoming PTN, ed.), need much improvement, for example, do reformulation related problems in the UN," said Sudharto.