Increased Number of State University of SNMPTN

Posted by Vicky Sonya | 12:20 PM |

Ministry of National Education through the Directorate General of Higher Education administration center menggodog national implementation of selection into public universities (SNMPTN), 2011, following the five private universities who officially changed its status to a country.

"We still godok administration, especially with masukknya five private colleges had changed its status to a country. We seek a new PTN fifth SNMPTN it can follow, "said Joko Santoso, Director General of Higher Education (Higher Education) Events Calendar.

At the end of 2010 at the university, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono inaugurated five new state university in the border region, namely the University of Borneo at Tarakan (stand 2000), University of Musamus Marauke (2001), Batam Polytechnic (2001), University of the Pacific Islands (2006), and Manufacturing Polytechnic State Bangka Belitung (1994).

At least 60 state university under the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs Ministry took part in this year SNMPTN. Quota seats of new college students through a written test and an invitation to achieve 60%, but the quota fixed write more than the invitation.

The examinations are conducted independently track each agreed PTN conducted after the announcement SNMPTN. It is estimated that independent path was opened in early July 2011.

Joko hope people's access to continuing education to college level can be more easily especially with the presence of five new state university in the border region.

In addition, the new thing in the selection of new admissions is starting this year the implementation and results of national examinations (UN) can dintegrasikan with SNMPTN.

Since mid last year it has been suggested that the minister Mohammad Nuh because PTN since 2010 were included in the UN starting from the preparation of examination questions, print the manuscript, the distribution to schools, supervising the exam until the exam answer sheet scanning.

UN integration problems with SNMPTN is one of the education reform is strategically prepared since 2008 when the Education Minister Bambang Sudibyo still holds.

At that time, the UN target by 2012 can be integrated with SNMPTN so for outstanding students who invited PTN no longer have a written exam SNMPTN.

"Explanation of details about the integration of UN with SNMPTN will be launched by Education Minister Mohammad Nuh, next Wednesday," said Joko.