Snmptn matter is ready

Posted by Vicky Sonya | 11:00 PM

Implementation of the national selection of incoming college (SNM PTN) in 2009 is scheduled for July 1-2 future. However, the committee continues to finalize the preparation of the technical examination. After the guide is arranged, the team also has the problem of making.

Chairman of the SNM PTN 2009 Prof. Haris Supratno states, the settlement of a matter of far-away day that will aim to be the implementation of the road live. Government does not want to have constraints concerning the matter. "All matter is ready. Printed and distributed live alone, "he said.

With the completion of preparation of a matter, that means preparation SNM PTN year 2009 can be said almost final. The problem is one of the important points. For preparing the matter, the team conducted intensive SNM PTN meeting to discuss the material or material that is made feasible the questions in the exam later.

Although the matter is now finished, Haris guarantee will not leak before the day of the H. For, the committee was to secure that document. In fact, the problem which consists of representatives of PTN has sworn not to let the matter. "Guaranteed safe. All work professionally, "he said.

Haris added, the problem will not be tested later with the same problem SNM PTN in previous years. "Now there is a basic ability, academic potential test, a test field of study and input. Level more difficult problem, "said the rector of the University of Surabaya (Unesa) is.

Asked institutions multiplier problem, can not ensure Haris. He also can not mention the amount of printed matter that will not know for sure is the registrant. "This will be discussed later if the implementation of the SNM PTN close," he explained.

SNM PTN Implementation is scheduled on 1-2 July 2009. The first day of the test capabilities base and academic potential. On the second day, the test input field of study field of study for science and IPS to the level of difficulty higher than the national exam question (UNAS). Registration fee is Rp 150.000,- for the registrant and IPA IPS, while the IPC to Rp 175.000,-.
By Dewan