What is SNMPTN?

Posted by Vicky Sonya | 6:40 AM

Log In Selection National University Affairs (SNMPTN) is a selection of potential students to enter universities in the country level with the National Pattern exam tests skills and write a special program for a specific study. Organizing the selection process was conducted by the Committee SNMPTN and placed in the cities where the strategic Universities Affairs is located. Testing write Snmptn Affairs held simultaneously and integrated at the same day and with the same problem in the PTN in Indonesia, so that participants are expected to choose the location nearest selection is organizing activities. 
Processing results of the tests conducted with the use of computer and nationally. For the study group program IPA or IPS, each participant has the opportunity select a maximum of two courses, while for the IPC can select a maximum of three courses which is a joint program of the Natural Science and Social Science. Order of selection program of study indicates the priority option. In the process of data processing results of the test, when the first choice is full choice fell on the second option, if the second option has the full choice fell on the third option. The number of prospective students received in accordance with the capacity of each course, so that when the power is fully tampungnya the prospective student can not be received. 
Fill in the Registration Form (PDF) or the Answer Sheet Testing (LJU) test participants should read carefully and closely with all the instructions contained in the Guide Book and The Script Soal Test SNMPTN. Any errors that occur because they do not follow the instructions will not terbacanya result by the computer field. 
Participants SNMPTN Guide Book is a major reference book form and registration sheet Best Exam. Any other form of instructions to the contrary SNMPTN that the content of the guide is considered the committee's not true. 
Congratulations Selection through the National Universities Masuk Affairs, hopefully successfully.